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About Us

We are a family based company that has been providing a quality, professional sharpening service to households, trades and industry in our local area since 1988.

Our workshop is equipped with the highest quality, precision grinding and sharpening machinery for guaranteed professional results.

Our aim is to keep our sharpening prices as low as possible. As we are a home based business we have extremely low overheads and have a basic no frills approach to the way we do things. We do not have an expensive delivery service, or a fancy showroom and we do not sell new blades or tools. Sharpening is all we do.

In recent years we have been getting an increasing number of enquiries and work being sent to us for sharpening from outside our local area and interstate. We established this site to facilitate this growing market and make it a streamlined, simple and inexpensive  process for anyone to send us items to be sharpened and have it returned to them in as short a time as possible.